PRONOLOGY is the New Shastra invented by me. Pronolgy is the study of Name vibrantions ( pronounciation) of a NAME. Numerologists follow Numerical results on the guidelines of CEIRO, Pythagoras to Sri Pandit Sethuraman theories only. Of course their findings are true and it helped thousands of men ( till date ) to lead better lives. But no further research had been done so far in Numerology. Numerology Books are repeating or copying of the books of these great authors and make some changes as per their experience and convenience.

But Master Alahar Vijay has done critical research in Numerology and found practical implications that lead to failures in Numerology. He found that vital things are missing in Numerology. So the results are not 100 % but negative experiences are also obtained in many cases. For eg. O, N are letters and have values 7 and 5 respectively. If they join as ON or NO, then total comes to 12. Numberwise both are same ! What about results? ‘ON’ gives positive results and ‘NO’ gives negative result in life. That means ON gives positive side of 12 & NO gives negative side of 12. But Numerology never differentiate this ! But Pronology clearly indicates about vibrations.

Many people are suffering because of the Negative vibrations of their Names . POSITIVE NAME with average Name Number can make a man Happy and lead a successful life. But a NEGATIVE NAME with lucky Name Number can’t bring happy and success in his life. The vibrations are powerful than lucky Name Number . My research shows Numerology value ins only 30 % and the Pronolgy value is 70 %. When a NAME is formed with Pronology plus Numerology , then we can expect 100 % success result. PRONOLOGY supplements Numerology. Not against it.

Alahar Vijay has authored 6 books in Pronolgy which are well appreciated by Public . Now Numerologist have started to follows Pronology with their limited knowledge in the subject. But the Author is the founder and competent Authority in Pronology. He can say “ your destiny is denoted by your Name”. He explains about your life by simply knowing your NAME only .This is the unique skill given by God to him. 80 % of people are suffering in life due to their bad Names only. They unaware of this fact and allow the destiny to play on them.

If they correct / alter their Name from Author, he is assured to get 100% best Name and he can see vast changes in his life. People with bad or negative vibrations like NO, LO, SU, WAR END, DHI, DI, NI, IL, OO, will continue to suffer in their life. Their skills and capabilities are not helping them to come-up. These combination create various problems or hardships in their life. These people should carefully analyse and change their Name or get success life. People with positive or good vibration can get happiness and wealth in their life. eg. VIN, UP, ON , DAY, JAYA. These will produce positive result in their life. They face less problems and have more benefits.


People believe Horoscopes & birth charts are powerful which decides the total life of MAN. Your destiny or life path is denoted by the Planets position at the time of your birth and they are represented in Janma Kundali or Horoscope. Horoscope decides unlucky or lucky, rich or poor, success or failure of one’s life according to his past karma.

GOD is very kind to Mankind. All creations are equal in GOD’S manifestation. No man is superior or inferior to another man. But some people get success and some people get failures, Why ? people say that their fate or time is good and God has made him with golden spoon. It is true to some extent but God never discriminates MAN based on caste, creed, rich or poor. God created us equally but we simply blame him for our failures and forget that we are only responsible for our life.

Horoscope is fixed one and shows luck or unluck of a man which can’t be changed. If your birth horoscope is not good or lucky, don’t be disheartened. Here is the solution which substitutes the Horoscope and also gives good results. NAME HOROSCOPE is my unique discovery, which comes to rescue for our problems and helps to achieve whatever benefits we want. We can get career development happy marriage life, happy children and everything as per our ambitions by making our names according NAME HOROSCOPE.

NAME CHART – How it works?

Every letter in a Name is considered to be a planet in Pronology. We arrange the letter as per their sequence and we can make Name horoscope. We should arrange the letters (in a Name) in such a way that the NAME HOROSCOPE is very fortunate one.

Name chart is prepared on the basis of Horoscope chart only Placement of letters starts from Aries sign ( Ist in Zodiac) and upto Pisces. Letters placed in Name chart shows the strength or weakness of a house and makes the results accordingly. In Name chart, houses like 1,2,4,5,7,9 10 & 11 are considered as good houses and 3,6,8 ,12 are considered as bad houses ( as per Astrology) If your Name letters are placed in good houses you will get good results and vice versa We take two greatmen for study……..